1. Teams should report at least an hour before their game.

  2. U.S.A./WAHA Hockey rules will be used.

  3. Each association is responsible to reproduce and distribute these rules to all coaches and team managers involved.

  4. All Squirt & Girls 10U games will consist of 3 (three) periods of 12 (twelve) minute stop time with an 8 (eight) minute overtime periods until a winner is determined, if necessary.

  5. All Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, High School and Girls 12U and 14U will play 3 (three) periods of 15 (fifteen) minute stop time with 8 (eight) minute overtime periods until a winner is determined, if necessary.

  6. There will be no goal judges.

  7. Running time will be in effect whenever a team has a 6 (six) or more goal lead.

  8. Ice will be resurfaced between games only for all Girls, Squirts, Pee Wees, and  Bantams.

  9. Ice will be resurfaced at the beginning of and between the second and third periods of all Midget games.

  10. Penalties for Squirts and Girls 10U are as stated per USA Hockey/WAHA rules: 1:30 minute minors and 3:00 (three) minute major and 6:00 (six) minute misconduct.

  11. Penalties for Pee Wees, Bantams, Midgets, and Girls 12U and 14U are as stated per U.S.A./WAHA rules: 2:00 (two) minute minor, 5:00 (five) minute majors and 10:00 (ten) minute misconduct.

  12. You must have with you your approved official USA Hockey player roster form. If anyone doesn't have age verification on the roster then proof of age is required.

  13. All coaches must be certified and level correct. Please check coaching requirement grid found in the WAHA book for correct levels for all coaches.

  14. No admission charges.

  15. No trophies or individual awards.

  16. Host associations will use kowledgeable adults for minor officials.